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The Adventures of Samson and Michelle ~ Starbucks London Ontario

Personal Project ~ The Adventures of Samson and Michelle

Starbucks London Ontario

Guys! It’s already September! Like what is that all about, I feel like summer just started and just like that it’s over! I know most people call this past holiday weekend the last weekend of summer but to me its officially the first week of fall! As fall is my favourite season I couldn’t be happier, all of my sweaters, boots and plaid are all back out and ready to go and of course all my mugs are going to get a whole lot more use as the weather gets cooler!

But also what the first Tuesday of the month means on the blog is a new instalment of The Adventures of Samson and Michelle! I had such a hard time coming up with an idea for this month because there really aren’t any major holidays or anything going on, I had the idea for a back to school shoot but that fell flat and also an idea to have some ice cream but the weather got a little to cool for that so my next idea was obviously my love of Starbucks!

I figured since in my mind fall has started, why not do a little fall shoot with a tea and of course a little treat for Samson as well! So we headed to Starbucks and I got some weird looks as I asked for whip cream in a cup and for them not to write our names so that I could spell them correctly haha!

My dad has recently dog proofed his backyard so Samson can run around with no leash so it was the perfect spot to snap some photos and yes I did make him wear my scarf, but honestly like how cute?!?

This series has been so fun the last couple of months and I have so many ideas leading into the fall and winter months, I can’t even wait to take more photos with my lovely little ham and share the wins and more often then not fails that come along with trying to take images of a two year old corgi!

Next month is going to be an extra special blog post because it’s this little guys actual second birthday!!! I am super excited to attempt a birthday photoshoot and of course there will be plenty behind the scenes for that one, as for one image last year it took Tylor and I two whole hours and we were just in our apartment! It’s so fun though to get to capture all these memories of our corgi together, even if the stress of dealing with an uncooperative puppy takes over sometimes!

So happy fall from Samson and I! September is going to be a crazy month with 4 weddings, the bridal show and of course all of my launches, my new website and logo on September 22nd and my new booth at the Western Fair Bridal Show on September 23rd and 24th, oh and don’t forget a pretty awesome giveaway!



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