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Getting Ready on your Wedding Day ~ Wedding Photographers London Ontario

5 Tips for getting ready the morning of your wedding day! 

Wedding Photographers London Ontario

Today on the blog I am sharing some more wedding day tips, this time about getting ready on the morning of your wedding day! It sounds simple but there are things you can do to make your morning go smoother and have your images look better! Again, these tips are coming from a photographer so most of them will be for making your photos go smoother the morning of.

Wedding Photographers London Ontario, Michelle A Photography

So lets get started!

Tip Number one:

Gather all of your important details to be photographed quickly!

Of course part of capturing the whole story of your wedding day will include the details such as your dress, jewellery, rings, hair pieces, shoes and flowers. For the groom think, cufflinks, shoes, suit and socks. Having all of these details out and ready to go will allow your photographer to photograph them quickly! Another little tip is to have your invitation suite available to be photographed as well, it is always something people forget about but is nice to have an image of!

Tip Number 2:

Get a wooden hanger for your dress!

Whether you choose to have just a plain wooden hanger or one that has bride or your last name either engraved or bent into it, it will make the images of your dress look better! First, the dress will sit on the hanger a lot nicer then a wire or plastic hanger and second, it will give that little extra to your images making them look lovely!

Tip Number 3:

Choose a space with nice natural lighting!

Having a space, room or hotel with lots of natural light and window light will make your getting ready images look awesome! Everything from the detail shots to portraits, natural lighting is alway gorgeous in all images!

Tip Number 4: 

Think about the wall colours!

This seems silly but having more neutral wall colours will also help your images look nicer and also compliment that beautiful window light! Photos always look better with consistent lighting and natural coloured rooms!

Tip Number 5: 

Allow time for candid and bridal party images!

The more images off of your shot list you can get done before the first look or ceremony the more time you will be able to save later on in the day! If you can leave some time to just have the morning captured from a candid point of view such as having someone special to you doing up your dress, just having drinks with your girls or playing video games with your guys, they all help add to the story of your wedding day! Also allowing time to capture some posed family photos or bridal party photos will also help your day run smoother!

Wedding Photographers London Ontario, Michelle A Photography

I hope these tips are helpful when it comes to planning out your wedding day! As always if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to send me a message to!



Wedding Photographers London Ontario

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