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I am sharing something a little bit different and very near and dear to my heart on the blog today, I am sharing all about how I got started in photography and how I fell in love with this amazing profession I get to call my own!

So long backstory time, I first started taking an interest in photography back in High School.  My high school in particular, I attended Saunders, happened to have a photography class you could take as an elective. I always loved photography, art, animation and drawing from a young age so it made sense for me to take more artsy courses while attending post secondary education. So when grade 10 rolled around I took a course that was a mix of radio broadcasting, graphic design and photography and just fell in love!

Grade 11 and 12, photography was my favourite class and I looked forward to it absolutely everyday! We had the opportunity to try out so many cool techniques such as creating our own pinhole camera, making stop motion videos but the best was that we got to shoot film, dark room and all.  I learned so much about the technical sides starting with a film camera before investing in my nice new DSLR before starting the Fanshawe Photography Program back in 2010.

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Attending college for photography was a whole new experience!

I knew while attending my first year of college right out of high school which was just a general arts program that all I wanted to do was photography and enrolled when it was time. I remember getting the email that I had been accepted and probably screamed a little to loud from excitement! So September of 2010 I started the program, it was a lot of general stuff, everyone wanted to be a National Geographic photographer, most of us had just gotten our first DSLR and our brand new Mac laptops and it was incredible. As the two years went on I made lovely connections, amazing life long friends and of course learned so many things about photography!

Michelle A Photography Origin Story

It was in my second year that I decided that it was time to choose what I actually wanted to use this photography degree for.  I have always had a passion for fashion, creative and self portraiture (for anyone who has creeped my Facebook fan page can certainly notice this) but knew that I probably wouldn’t be able to make the career I wanted out of photography taking photos of myself outside. I then started asking couples I knew if they would model for me for fun, I remember one in particular that really made up my mind. Back in 2012, the summer after graduation, I had a friend I have known since grade 6 pose for some photos with her boyfriend for my portfolio. I was so thrilled with the images, they are still some of my absolute favourites and that was when I decided I would like to specialize more with engagements and weddings!

Origin Story, Michelle A Photography, London Ontario Photographer, London Ontario Photography

Of course for the next year or so I still tried to do portrait and family shoots to build my brand and business but weddings was what I wanted most! It’s kind of funny how I have come full circle and although I mostly photograph engagements and weddings I am back to offering family sessions as part of my business!

In March of 2013, in my super cool blue childhood bedroom complete with super cool dolphin poster and all I applied for my business license! At the time I was going by a slightly different name for my business which was Michelle Alexandra Photography, but after having my logo designed I decided to chop it down to simply be Michelle A Photography, for those curious the “A” in my business name stands for Alexandra which is my middle name and I was officially a recognized business with the government! I remember just telling myself over and over that I had 5 years to make this work and to be successful and profitable in my own eyes. This really motivated me to start what is now a full time career!

Also in 2013, I managed to book my very first wedding!! I was ecstatic, again I am pretty sure I screamed real loud from excitement and maybe even cried a little bit!  It was a high school friend who was getting married in June of that year and I was so honoured she was giving me the opportunity to capture her special day!

This is when I truly knew I wanted to be a full time photographer, I loved everything! I loved the details, the venue, the family, the ceremony and the reception and most of all I loved photographing the bride and groom!

I have grown a lot since that first wedding as I will be celebrating 11 whole years of Michelle A Photography this month and 8 of running my business 100% full time, but that first wedding meant more to me than anything!  I am so lucky that now I have been able to capture so many lovely couples wedding days and I couldn’t be more happy that this is my career! It all started with a little bit of knowledge, plenty of schooling but mostly a huge passion for capturing love!

This was my dream from the first day I decided to pursue photography, that I would be able to dedicate my life to building a business and having clients I adore!  It took a lot to get here and the hard work will never stop but it is so worth it and I have a huge smile on my face as I reminisce about how I got to where I am today!

So thank you to everyone who has ever supported my dream and career, to all my amazing past, present and future clients and of course my amazing family/husband who needless to say I would not be here without them!

Mushy post over! Thanks for reading!



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“Michelle is a featured and award winning London Ontario Wedding Photographer, who loves to capture unique relationships and create lasting memories! Behind the camera, I am a wife to my high school sweetheart, a mom to a little corgi named Samson, a collector of cute pins and supporter of small business!”

I am a wife to my
high school sweetheart,
a mom to a little corgi
named Samson, a
collector of cute pins
and supporter of small
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