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10 Fun Facts About Michelle! ~ Photographer London Ontario

10 Fun Facts About Michelle!

Photographer London Ontario

Happy Tuesday, sometimes I think I post a lot about my clients work and wedding day resources maybe it would be fun to do a super personal blog post about 10 fun facts about me! Of course I also talk a lot about my corgi, my fiance and my job I thought I would put together 10 completely different fun facts that many people probably don’t know about me!

1) When I am working from home you can find me hidden behind my computer either watching terrible comedy movies on Netflix with my iPad or dancing and singing along to my iTunes playlists (not well mind you)!

2) I have an obsession with Chapters and Starbucks, I actually go there once a week with my dad and we have a coffee/ lets look at all the comic books date! Which leads me to my next fun fact…

3) I LOVE notebooks and stationary! I love to buy notebooks and I usually get at least one for my birthday or Christmas every year. They are all filled with a ton of business information, now if I could only remember which information is in what notebook I would be set!

4) Concerts and live music are one of my favourite activities to do, I am known to spend a ton of money on concert tickets if it is for the right band!

5) I am an optimist through and through! I am always trying to make the best of every situation I come across and being positive is just what I do!

6) Family is incredibly important to me, I am very close with my sister, mom, dad and my Nani and try to see them or talk to them at least once or twice a week.

7) Before I started my business 100% full time I worked a bunch of part-time jobs including, Burger King, Winners, Food Basics and Future Shop.

8) My ultimate dream and goal (aside from business stuff) is to one day travel to Japan and backpack around for at least 2 weeks! I have wanted to travel to Japan since I was 9 years old and first started watching Sailor Moon and Digimon, where are my 90’s kids at?!

9) I have one major sweet tooth and I love Cheesecake! I am so excited that for our honeymoon, we will be spending a day in North Carolina and I have already done the research to discover that there is a Cheesecake Factory only a 19 minute drive from the airport!

10) I have wanted to be a photographer since I was 16 years old and was able to take a photography class at my high school, I then went onto study photography in college as well and began my business at the age of 21!

Well there you go! 10 super random fun facts about me! Do we have anything in common? Please feel free to send me a message at, I am always looking to meet awesome new people 🙂



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Photo by my lovely second shooter Anneka!

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