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Why I Love First Looks!

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I am not a super opinionated wedding planning person but if I could be super opinionated about one thing it would be about first looks! A first look is when the bride and the groom see each other before the ceremony, it is a time for the bride and groom to just be together and have a private moment with each other on the wedding day.

I know a lot of people are opposed to doing this because it breaks tradition but as a wedding photographer, a past bride and a past bridesmaid I am 100% for first looks!

First Looks, Michelle A Photography, London Ontario Wedding Photographer, London Ontario Wedding PhotographyThere are several positives to making this decision for your day,

You have a “wow” moment thats personal to the two of you!

Instead of seeing each other for the first time in front of all of your guests and having that emotional moment witnessed to everyone you can just savour that special moment between the two of you and also have it captured by your photographer! I know this won’t sound appealing to everyone and that’s okay! I am the type of person who doesn’t enjoy being the centre of attention and in front of a huge group of people so it was so nice to me to just have that moment between me and my husband!

It makes your wedding day flow better (plus you get to be at part of your cocktail hour)!

So since you will be seeing each other before the ceremony you will also be able to capture all of your portraits! This means two things, first you won’t have to make all of your guests wait around between the ceremony and the reception and second, you will be able to attend and visit for part of your cocktail hour! It makes the day run so much smoother to do all the images before the ceremony and only having to worry about the family photos prior.

It allows more options for your images!

As mentioned in the first two points having a first look will help make your day run smoother and you can capture all of your images before the ceremony. This means that you can have more time for photos as you won’t have to worry about keeping your guests waiting and this also means that there are more opportunities for images. The first look is an amazing moment and so candid! It’s a time for you and your future spouse to just be together and capture that precious memory!

First Looks, Michelle A Photography, London Ontario Wedding Photographer, London Ontario Wedding Photography

Of course I know that first looks aren’t for everyone, many of my couples in particular prefer to keep it traditional and not see each other before the ceremony. However a first look is always an option and I find it becoming more popular during wedding days, especially if you aren’t completely into staying on traditional side it is worth considering!



You can take a look at Rebecca & Keaton, Morgan & Jimmy and Stacey & Adam’s wedding days for more on first looks!

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