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The Adventures of Samson and Michelle ~ February ~ Michelle A Photo

The Adventures of Samson and Michelle

Hello February

Guys I 100% cheated this month and I don’t even feel the least bit bad about it!

I truly adore doing this little blog series documenting Samson every month, it is so fun to come up with cute ideas, get in front of the camera, brag about how cute I think this little guy is and the number one reason is so I will always have these memories to look back on in future years! But sometimes, just sometimes, I come up with such a cute idea that no other idea will ever top it (at least in my mind) and last February that idea happened. Like sorry not sorry how to do even begin to top a corgi kissing booth?!

Needless to say I have completely cheated on this series of mine this month and am recycling last years photos! I would be lying if I said these weren’t some of my favourites even though it was soooo cold, Samson HATED the booth at the start but warmed up pretty quick and if there is snow on the group good luck getting Samson to stay put for more then ten seconds! Either way these photos are so cute and have such a fun memory attached to them I couldn’t help but reshare. I mean I could have done another Valentine’s Day set up or the Superbowl did cross my mind (imagine Samson with a little jersey and football) but at the end of the day no ideas came to mind that I liked more!

So moral of the story, please enjoy these recycled and ADORABLE photos of Samson rocking his corgi kissing booth!

I hope everyone has a fantastic month full of love and lots and lots of chocolate!



The Adventures of Samson and Michelle, Michelle A Photography, London Ontario Photographer, London Ontario PhotographyThe Adventures of Samson and Michelle, Michelle A Photography, London Ontario Photographer, London Ontario Photography

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