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Personal Post ~ Meet Samson the Corgi ~ London Ontario Wedding Photographer

Meet Samson the Corgi ~ Personal Post

November 28th 2015

It is always nice to change stuff up on the Blog every once and awhile so today I am sharing something or I guess someone who means the world to me, our little corgi named Samson!  My Fiance Tylor and I had wanted to get a puppy for a very long time after we moved out on our own but there never seemed like a good time.  Either I was busy with my photography business or he was busy with work himself.  So in early October we made a little bit of an impulsive decision (which we never do) and it was probably one of the best decisions we have every made!

Samson or Sammy as we call him was born on October 4th in Eganville Ontario, which for anyone who knows Ottawa area that is 6 hours away from here! So on November 28th we made the 12 hour total drive to go pick him up and bring him home!


 Needless to say, having a puppy is amazing! It is hard at times as most things are but for the most part he is so fun to have around.  He follows me everywhere around our apartment and even sits under my computer chair while I Blog/edit/anything else my job requires me to do!  He loves the snow, which is good considering we live in Canada and there is snow usually much more then there has been!  He is very good at sitting and eye contact but he is not the most photogenic corgi in the whole world but as a photographer I have to take photos of him constantly so I can remember how little he once was!

He is already 3 and a half months and it doesn’t feel like we have had him for that long, training has started so it is only a matter of time before he stops his puppy biting…he is lucky he is so cute 😛

At the beginning of January I broke out my Nikon to take some actual photos of him that weren’t just with my iPhone and after a lot of treat bribery I finally got some cute photos!


I love having a dog more then I thought I would, he is so sweet and for sure popular with everyone who meets him!  Now we just have to work on the whole getting used to the camera thing 🙂



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